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-86 Degree Chest ULT Freezer DW-86WB Series

-86 Degree Chest ULT Freezer DW-86WB Series

Features & Benefits: Minus 80 freezer production application * Laboratory,institute,hospital,blood bank and other health system,electronic material,chemical industry,etc * Storage biological materials,human tissue,electronic material,micro organism,etc * Others need the freezer 80 c to keep...


  • Product Details

  • Features & Benefits: 

    Minus 80 freezer production application

    * Laboratory,institute,hospital,blood bank and other health system,electronic material,chemical industry,etc

    * Storage biological materials,human tissue,electronic material,micro organism,etc

    * Others need the freezer 80 c to keep the sample

    Accurate temperature control system 

    * The worldwide famous high-accuracy computer-controlled temperature system with original binding can maintain the temperature constancy in the box at -86℃ precisely,and the adjusting increment is 1℃ 

    Multi-ply safety control system

    * High and low temperature alarm

    * Open door alarm

    * Condensor fault alarm

    * Delayed start for compressor protection

    * Remote remote alarm interface is optional

    * Code protection to avoid to adjust thetemperature unexpectly

    * The system can operate under the state of sensor failure or the state of numerical disturbance safety and automatically

    Hominization design

    * Wide voltage band is available for 187-252V and it can use in the place which electic power is not stable 


    * Remote alarm interface

    * Rack and sample box

    * Multi-function paperless recorder 

    * Upright series

    * -86 Degree chest ULT freezer DW-86WB Series has the upright optional DW-86LB series


    -86 Degree Chest Freezer
           DW-86WB Series
    Model No.DW-86WB90DW-86WB530
    Technical Data
    Net volumeL90530
    Climate class/NN
    Temperature range-40~-86℃-40~-86℃
    Cabinet frame color/WhiteWhite
    Electrical Data
    Bottom air forced condenser/YesYes
    High/Low Temperature/YesYes
    Condensor fault/YesYes
    Door open/YesYes
    Remote alarm/OptionalOptional
    Alarm Type/sound and lightsound and light
    Compressor protection/delayed startdelayed start
    Temperature adjustment
    and display precision

    Through decades' development, AMED is now a leading and professional manufacturer and supplier of -86 degree chest ult freezer dw-86wb series. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our equipment comes in good performance, high stability and strong durability. Welcome to buy the best products for sale with us.


    1. Can we order samples of freezer -86?

    --- Yes. Sample is available

    2. What is the MOQ of the freezer -86?

    --- 1 PCS of each model

    3. What is the LEAD TIME of the freezer -86?

    --- 2-3 weeks after received the deposit. The next mass order will be within 2 weeks.

    4. What is the warranty of the freezer -86?

    --- 1 Year 1% of FOC spare parts which ship together with the mass order, In some country we also can offer the repair service

    5. Can you OEM for us?

    --- Yes. We can produce it for you, but customer need to give the brand authorization to avoid the dispute in local market

    6. Export packages

    --- Standard carton box package + bottom pallet of Ultra-low Freezer. If the goods ship out by LCL, we also can make the environmental friendly wooden crate for you independently

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