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Beer dispenser system in bar,cafe,pub Apr 29, 2017

Beer dispenser system for the bar,cafe,pub

Front Picture of the beer dispenser


First,It used CO2 beer keg tap BT-5 in the bar table.Please find the details as follow.

* Body,shank,piston,eccentric shaft,Spout are made of 304 stainless steel

* With 304 stainless compensator

* Quick handle action

* 8 times polished process with chromed tech to make sure it touchs smooth and looks bright

* Other co2 beer tap or co2 keg tap are optional

Second,it used CO2 regulator RW-1W,please find the details as follow.

* Applicable gas CO2
* Kg/cm2 input pressure 150
* Kg/cm2 outlet pressure. 1.5
* M3/h rate of flow 5
* Inlet connection: G5/8 or to order
* Outlet connection M12*1 or to order

* Other type of CO2 Regulator is optional

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