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Beer Tap System BT-1 May 20, 2017

Beer tap system BT-1

It is a very popular beer tap design and normaly used in home kegerator products.As this model is very easy for consumer to use,and the price is also competitive,so now this beer faucet is on of our largest quantity supply model in the world.

Especially in USA and Europe and Australia market.

Please find the feature of the beer tap system BT-1 as follow.

1. Body are made of chrome plated forged brass

2. Faucet lever are made of brass

3. Quick handle action

4. This beer on tap is a promotion model and cheap beertap for home

5. Quick handle action

6. This model do not only used in our kegerator AM01-170A,AM01-180D,but it also used for Europe and USA Kegerator

Picture of beer tap system BT-1.

blob.png blob.png    blob.png

Picture of the faucet          Picture of the beer kegerator AM01-170A /AM01-180D used Beer tap system BT-1

If you need the beer faucet take with adjustable compensator,please choose Beer Tap at Home BT-2 model in or email to also can choose the unique beer faucet for the commercial usage in here.